Medical Abortion

Abortion is legal in South-Africa and our legalized Safe Abortion Clinics have been providing care for over 10 years to women who are faced with either an unplanned pregnancy or a pregnancy they choose not to continue with.


They are two types of Abortion


Medical Abortion: Abortion Pill

Medical Abortion involves taking pills and it is the type of Safe Abortion we offer. Please click the yellow link to know more about medical abortion


Surgical Abortion

Surgical Abortion involves a minor operation. Please click on the yellow link to read more about Surgical Abortion


Do not consider having a backstreet abortion because they are dangerous, often performed in unhygienic conditions and can lead to very serious complications such as infertility.


Our Abortion Prices are affordable and start from R500, Plus Free womb cleaning is provided to all our patients.

Students get 20% off  on all abortion prices.


It is much better to make informed decisions about your body and life. So should you consider having a legal Abortion performed by qualified experienced abortion doctors, Please call us on 076 903 9340


Free deliveries are available should you prefer to have the procedure done in your own privacy at home