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Abortion Clinic Pretoria is an approved abortion center offering same day abortions also called termination of pregnancy using pills at an affordable price that students can even afford our abortion prices.

Our Abortion starts from R600 for a month and we charge according to the duration of the pregnancy.


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Abortion Clinic provides a medical type of abortion which is safe and recommended to terminate an early pregnancy.  


What is a Medical Abortion

A Medical Abortion is when pills will be swallowed in order to end the pregnancy.

When you book an appointment with abortion Clinic Pretoria, our medical staff will give a date and time when you must visit the clinic.

On arrival the doctor will perform a pregnancy test done or an ultra sound to confirm the pregnancy. He will also receive free counselling which will assist you to cope up with the healing process after the medical abortion procedure.

Abortion Clinic Pretoria counselling

Abortion Clinic Pretoria counselling


After the counselling session and clearly confirmed that you have understood what to expect during the abortion procedure, the doctor will show you the abortion pills used during the abortion procedure.

There are two types of medical abortion pills for termination.


The first pill is meant to stop the hormone responsible for supporting the pregnancy.


After a few hours you will be given another set of 4 different pills.

These four pills are the ones meant to induce the pregnancy. When completely swallowed you will experience some bit of discomfort,


A running tummy

Cramping like strong period pains

You might develop a slight fever

This is when abortion tablets are used to end the pregnan


Medical Procedure of Abortion Clinic Pretoria

Our goal is to provide quality abortion services to the community in Pretoria at an affordable price.

Abortion prices start from R500 for a month.


Abortion Procedure


considering an abortion is a hard decision and the main reason we recommend it is to provide you with the information you need to make the decision that .

We shall perform pregnancy tests, provide you with safety measures and risks associated with each abortion procedure.

If you are unsure about whether you wish to proceed, we will give you a clear idea of the time frame you have for the various options.

our counselors  is non-judgmental and respect  your situation.


You will swallow an abortion  pill meant to block the female hormone called Progesterone. 

Progesterone is a female hormone that supports a pregnancy. When it is blocked, the uterine lining sheds and softens the cervix.


After the pill has dissolved, another pill will be inserted deep inside your vagina.

This can be done yourself or you will be assisted by the doctor.


Advantages of medical abortions.


Medical abortion allows you to have the Freedom of Choice.

Medical abortion is like a miscarriage, which occurs at home.

Some women find this idea more natural and private..

 Even though some pills will be used at home you will be under our supervision at all times.

Our previous patient are happy with our services and success rates are very high with this procedure.


How to chose a safe abortion clinic Pretoria



Womb Cleaning


Womb cleaning