Abortions Clinics Pretoria Nurse

Abortions Clinics Pretoria Nurse

Abortions Clinics Pretoria is a private registered women’s clinic that offers same day Legal Termination of Pregnancy.

There are several safe abortion clinics in Pretoria CBD but finding a safe clinic to assist you with an abortion might be tricky. 

Abortions Clinics Pretoria central uses approved pills to abort and then clean the womb after abortion.

They are two types of Abortions



Medical Abortion

A medical abortion is when pills will be used to end the pregnancy without any complications.


Surgical Abortion 

Surgical abortion is when the fetus and placenta will be removed from the mother’s womb (uterus).


How does Abortions Clinics Pretoria Operate

Legal abortion clinics around Pretoria must be able to offer counselling to all its  patients.

Abortions clinics Pretoria offers free consultation because this will gives you an opportunity to react to any emotions that arise there and then.

A pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy and also note down a few things about your medical history.

The doctor will be give you abortion pills to swallow and these are the ones that will terminate the pregnancy same day without any complications


we shall provide you with womb cleaning pills to prevent youinfections.

Why choose Abortions Clinics Pretoria


Abortions Clinics Pretoria and Prices for abortion are affordable

Student discounts are available.  10% off

We use only approved abortion pills.

Our Prices are affordable starting from R599.


To book an appointment for abortion,


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